Dress Code

All Students must wear a mask and have a dance bag to hold their belongings. Hair must be pulled back and off their neck.  Ballet levels 2-5 please have hair secured in a bun.  Ballet skirts, tutus and hair accessories are optional if they are not a distraction during class.  Please do not have midriffs and bellies showing.


BOYS- shorts or leggings, t-shirt or tank top that is not baggy, black leather ballet shoes for creative movement and ballet


Creative Movement- tights and leotard or leggings and tank top, bare feet are allowed until January, then pink leather ballet shoes for girls

Ballet-  tights and a leotard, pink leather ballet shoes, hair in bun

Tap- tights or leggings, leotard or tank top, black tap shoes

Liturgical- tights or leggings and leotard or tank top

Hip Hop- leggings or shorts and a tank top or shirt, no jeans, clothing that is not baggy, CLEAN all black sneakers designated for indoor use only

Acro Dance- footless tights or leggings and leotard or biketard

Ballroom- comfortable clothes, CLEAN shoes designated for indoor use only

Modern- footless tights or leggings, leotard or tank top

Jazz- tights or leggings, leotard or tank top, black leather jazz shoes




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